Humble Beginnings….

“From humble beginnings we built our empire”

When I took these pictures, it made me think of all the time and effort it took to build this structure.  In the same way I’m going to continue and pursue my career in photography. It’s going to take a vision, plan, and execution, much like this structure.

If you haven’t been there, I highly suggest you take your friends and family for a visit!  This image was taken last year at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. The 3rd picture below is my son, Christopher.  A whole lot has happened since these photos were taken. I moved, got married, went from being a single father to being married with 3 wonderful children with very different personalities. I’m also in the transition or restarting a brand new network of shooting models to now gearing towards families and weddings.

This is officially my first post….Well, it’s more of a test to see what my interface will look like. 😛

I’m starting my official blog to document my life, family, and passion for photography. I’ve been on a little break since getting married a little over 6 months ago so there’s been a lot of adjustment. Any newly married couple can relate, but fortunately I have a very supportive wife, family, and most of all God to help me along this journey.

Cheers to this upcoming year!


3 thoughts on “Humble Beginnings….

  1. The photo was actually just a test to see what the layout looks like. This is my first time on WordPress, so I’m still “under construction”. Thanks for the encouragement!

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