The Bookworm Turns 18!

Yesterday, September 15, 2012 marked 18 years of business for, The Bookworm Educational Supply Store of Vallejo, Ca. The store has been open since 1993 to its local community to provide educational supplies and materials to teachers, parents, students, and more. The Bookworm Educational Supply Educational Supplies was founded by the Orona family and has remained in the family since its start. Over the years the business has been able to continue through economically hard times, several businesses like it going out of business, and all the other pitfalls of owning ones own business. They attribute their success not to themselves but to a greater calling. When they began their business they had two goals in mind, to help the community but also to dedicate their business to the Lord. Yesterday’s 18th Anniversary included door busters, desserts, crafts, discount and savings on special items and an array of special prizes for customers who have earned raffle tickets.  The winners shall be announced soon! Here are a few pictures from today’s event:

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In 2003 they opened a sister store located right next door called, The Bookworm Learning Center which offers one-to-one tutoring for children and adults of all ages and levels. If you would like to ask information about tutoring for your children you can visit their website at @

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