A Memorable “Memorial Day Weekend”

Holla Holla Chicken Dollar

HI!  How was your Memorial Day Weekend?  There were a ton of events throughout the Bay Area this past weekend and our family was fortunate to attend a few including San Francisco Carnaval and the Golden Gate 75th Anniversary Fireworks Celebration.  This past Memorial Weekend will always be memorable not because of the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, but because of a good friend’s return from his service in the army and my new family’s first memorial day weekend together.

How fitting that a soldier would return home for a holiday weekend that is celebrated to remember all the men and women who have laid down their lives for our country. We were all grateful for the chance to spend time with him, his family, and friends. San Francisco’s Carnaval is a must for all who love food, music, and dancing. The Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary was a once in a lifetime event and I was grateful that my wife and children were able to share this event together. Overall our first Memorial Day weekend as a family was a blessed one.

Here’s a few pictures…well actually a whole bunch of pictures from this past weekend. ENJOY!!

San Francisco Carnaval 2012
Just a tiny sample of the array of food on display
Just a tiny sample of the food on display
San Francisco’s Finest
Meet our Family’s First Puppy, “Shelby”….A 6 month old Brindle Pitbull
Live Salsa Music
Straw Hat
The Jester
Dancing on Stilts
Dancing in the streets

Pink Fuzz
Dogs are invited too
Hat Shop
Party in the streets
Cops posing for the camera 😛


Bootleg Lady Gaga
Shelby in the Stroller
Dancing goes on and on
Face in the Hole
Crissy Field
Ready for tonight’s Fireworks…well, except Shelby
Sun setting on the Golden Gate Bridge
The kids waiting for fireworks
About a hour before the Fireworks…
9:30pm on the dot. Fireworks getting started!