Recently, I was invited to capture an event celebrating over 40 years of coaching + retirement party of Tuffy “Wayne” Williams. It was such an honor to get to be apart of celebrating Tuffy. For over 40 years he coached, mentored, encouraged, and worked with people of all ages and abilities. He was my wife + sister-in-law’s first swim coach and left his mark not only on them but an entire community.

One of the first stories my wife shared with me about him was his voice, his amazing attitude, and his sayings. She said her favorite of all time that he use to say to her was, “I may be DEAF but I’m not BLIND. NOW SWIM!!” Upon entering the venue I looked up and this saying among may others were posted throughout the venue. “Tuffyisms,” as they called them.

Although I did not get the pleasure of being one of the people he coached the stories of how humble, genuine, loving, caring, and respect everyone shared with their speeches impressed upon me how amazing Tuffy is. It was such a blessing to get to witness all the thought and planning that went into this event. Every detail, decoration, and gift was done with such love and care. Thanks again to the Vallejo Aquatic Club, Hilary Schulte, Dana Fouad, and committe for inviting me out to capture Tuffy’s party.

Individual prints +CDs + more can be found by clicking, “CLIENTS” page, inputting your email and event password.

here are a few photos from our night…