We’d like to thank you for choosing to book your newborn portrait session with us! Please read the the recommendations to help provide the most successful session for your sweet little baby! We understand that as parents ourselves this is a wonderfully exciting, exhausting, +and joyful time as you welcome the newest member to your family. Our goal for your newborn session is to provide a loving, comfortably, cozy, + safe session. We have provided some information + questionnaire below to ensure we are able to capture any special requests, poses desired, + any other information you might like to share with us before our session. Please be sure to complete the questionnaire at least 3 days prior to our session. Typically we take photos of the beautiful nursery space, family photos, + interacting with your previous bundle. If there are sibling we can also take some pictures of them together. Some siblings are more welcoming than others and we are happy to cater to the needs of each little person invovled. If your baby is sleepy, full,+ warm enough we can get some sweet posed photos of him/her in the nursery space, on a beautiful textured blanket, parent’s bed, a beautiful rocker, or anywhere else you might like to take some posed pictures.

A few things to prepare for your session…..

Baby should be in desired outfit, simple outfit, or diaper only when we arrive so that we can slip it off to start shooting in order to cause the least disruption to baby.

A white noise machine + stereo are great to add some sounds to soothe your baby.

A well fed baby is a happy baby so please feed baby about 30 minutes prior to our arrival if baby permits.

If you have any special onsies, blankets, headbands, + or other item please have them out for us to review.

We will shoot mostly in rooms with gorgeous natural light. Rooms we love to shoot in are nurseries, master bedrooms, living rooms, and sometimes sibling’s rooms. Please be sure to have nursery, “photo-ready.”

Please email us if you have any questions or need suggestions. If you feel your home doesn’t provide adequate space/light/warmth please let us know and we can discuss other options.


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