Cuevas-Tay Family.

We met Victoria, Brandon, and Liam over a year ago and its been fun watching as Liam gets older. This year we chose to capture their family photos downtown in Vallejo. It was a beautiful chilly Sunday morning and the setting was great for their family session.


Here are a few photos of our time with the Cuevas-Tay family….



We had the pleasure of meeting and capturing the Romero family last weekend. They were such a sweet fun loving family. They recently welcome the newest member of their family at the end of last year and she was too precious.

Here are a few photos from our time with the Romero family….

Mr. + Mrs. Gish

A little over a month ago we had the pleasure of capturing the Gish wedding at the Admiral’s Mansion in Vallejo. The bride and groom had two ceremonies which included the traditional white wedding and Indian ceremony. We got to know Uma + Kurt through a mutual friend and it was fun getting to witness their traditions throughout their ceremonies.


Here are a few photos from their special day….


33 Days Away till Jay + Nikki’s Big Day

A few months ago I captured Jay & Nikki’s “Save the Date” pictures. A few weeks later I was blessed yet again to capture their engagement shots. Again, they came with a great wardrobe and site of choice so this second shoot was done in a snap. I know I’m late getting these pictures up on my blog but better late than never, right?

Here are a few pictures from Jay & Nikki’s engagement shoot:

The Bookworm Turns 18!

Yesterday, September 15, 2012 marked 18 years of business for, The Bookworm Educational Supply Store of Vallejo, Ca. The store has been open since 1993 to its local community to provide educational supplies and materials to teachers, parents, students, and more. The Bookworm Educational Supply Educational Supplies was founded by the Orona family and has remained in the family since its start. Over the years the business has been able to continue through economically hard times, several businesses like it going out of business, and all the other pitfalls of owning ones own business. They attribute their success not to themselves but to a greater calling. When they began their business they had two goals in mind, to help the community but also to dedicate their business to the Lord. Yesterday’s 18th Anniversary included door busters, desserts, crafts, discount and savings on special items and an array of special prizes for customers who have earned raffle tickets.  The winners shall be announced soon! Here are a few pictures from today’s event:

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In 2003 they opened a sister store located right next door called, The Bookworm Learning Center which offers one-to-one tutoring for children and adults of all ages and levels. If you would like to ask information about tutoring for your children you can visit their website at @

Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out ~ Karl Augustus Menninger

Last Saturday, my family took our first trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California.  My wife had the idea of challenging Chris to conquer his fear of roller coasters.  I was totally on board with the idea because I know that continuing to run from conquering this fear will only teach him it’s okay to quit.  It was the first time our son Chris ever went on a roller coaster so the anxiety and anticipation while waiting in line really got to him.  At times in line he panicked, begged to not go on the ride, and even cried. HAHA. I tried making him go on roller coasters in the past few years but he always declined because he was afraid. The point of challenging him to go on the roller coaster wasn’t to scare him but to make him realize that he can overcome fears and that the only way to deal with any fear is to face it head on.  Also, it was done to show him that he can trust my wife and I to put him in situations that won’t hurt him, but that will only cause him to grow and mature in a healthy way. Fear is something we create in our mind and in time if it’s not dealt with, it will only festers, intensifies, and grows.  To further prove my point our daughters, Franchesca 5, and Annabelle 3 years old were introduced by their mother to rides at a young age. Therefore, roller coasters are not a source of fear but instead bring only smiles to their faces.

As a parent, we can’t protect our  children from everything but what we can teach them is how to deal and cope when things don’t go their way. Personally I believe protecting your children is a parents duty, but I also believe that overprotecting your children will cripple them. Sometimes as parents we tend to underestimate our children’s abilities and give up on them or aren’t patient enough to allow the children to sort and learn through their mistakes.  Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned are from my facing my fears.  Confronting those fears have only made me a stronger person and has really taught me that God used these lessons so I could pass them on to my kids.

I know everyone can relate to the topic of fear, whether it’s heights, flying, the dark. Where others could be effected with more personal fears such as rejection, failure, intimacy, and commitment.  Running away and denying to confront our fears will only delay your maturity and keep us from experiencing life’s pleasures.

After standing hours in line, I’m proud to say that Chris went on Kong and Medusa, two of faster and intimidating roller coasters at Six Flags. Although he admitted he’s still afraid of roller coasters, at the end of the day he said, “I’m happy and surprised myself.  I’m happy that I conquered this fear.”

Chris and I on KONG.  Looks at Chris’ face. LMAO!! *Photo credit goes to my lovely wife 🙂

Get ready for take off!! *Photo Credit again goes to the wifey 🙂

That’s Chris and I in the front row. Again….Chris is terrified, but he finished 🙂 * Photo credit goes to the wifey once again.

Monique waves at the camera while Chris holds on to dear life. Hahaha!!

Sky Flyer. Honestly this ride scares me more than all the other rides at Six Flags.

Chris looking up, Chess looking straight down and my wife having a anxiety attack. I don’t blame her.  The idea of being held my thin chains and tall heights doesn’t sit right with me either.

Annabelle just turned 4 almost a month ago 🙂

Franchesca aka Cheese screaming on one of the rides…

Chris expression after telling him next time I’m going to take him on Kong ten times in a row 🙂